What is SMOD?

SMOD's bullet-time and particle effects in action.

Iron sight view and "depth of field" effects.

Kicking people in the face, Postal Dude style.

A metrocop gets clobbered with a gravity grenade.

What is SMOD?

SMOD is a modification of the game Half-Life2 made by "作者です", or "The Author". It is based on the Half-Life2 and Episode 2 versions of the Source engine and boasts a massive amount of new features. These include dozens of new NPCs, weapons, scalable visual effects, and many ways for players to personalize their gaming experience; players can make their own custom weapons and explosives, create single-player addons for Source maps like those from Counter-Strike, and so on. This flexibility allows its players to create and share their own SMOD experiences, and has given it a sizable fan community all over the globe.

See for yourself. Download and install info can be found here. The mod's final version for the Half-Life2 engine is SMOD40aq. The creator is also building a reboot of the mod for the newer Episode 2 engine as "SMOD 2", its latest version being 2.03. While not as fully featured as the older branch yet, it's worth a look. The CSS SCI FI mod is also highly recommended if you have Counter-Strike:Source available.

This fan-made wiki (ever a work-in-progress) is dedicated to documenting this mod in detail for its English-speaking players. It's geared toward those who are interested in customizing SMOD's scripts and the like but may lack the knowledge to do that.

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