Miniature Item Crate
Being busted open.
Model misc/pcrate.mdl
First Found… d1_canals_01 (DBDB: verify)
At rest on its end.

Description Keyvalues Flags Inputs Outputs


item_item_crate_mini is the entity name for a miniature version of the supply crate that uses a small cardboard box as its model. These boxes are only encountered when smod_gamemode is enabled, and normally house power pills rather than health kits or batteries.

(DBDB: Could use some new shots when able.)


(DBDB: Probably shares some or all its big brother's keys. Verify.)


Except where noted, flags are OFF by default.

  • 1 : Entity will hold its position until seen.
  • 2 : Entity doesn't take physics damage.
  • 4 : Debris - entity won't collide with the player or other debris.
  • 8 : Motion disabled.
  • 64: Enable motion once grabbed by the Gravity Gun.
  • 128 : Not affected by rotor wash.
  • 256 : Generate an output on +USE. (Default: ON)
  • 512 : Prevents pickup.
  • 1024: Do not enable motion once bumped by the player.
  • 4096 : Debris with trigger interaction.




  • OnMotionEnabled
    Fired when motion is enabled on this prop, either via "Health Level to Override Motion" or from the EnableMotion input.
  • OnAwakened
    Fired when this entity becomes awake (collision/force is applied to it while it's asleep).
  • OnPhysGunPickup
    Fired when the player picks up the entity with the Gravity Gun or +use command.
  • OnPhysGunDrop
    Fired when the player drops the entity with the Gravity Gun or +use command.
  • OnPlayerUse
    Fired when the player tries to +use the entity. This output will fire only if the "Generate output on +use" spawnflag is set.


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