Power Pill
Glowing as it rests on the ground.
Model misc/pill.mdl
First Found… d1_canals_01 (DBDB: verify)

Description Keyvalues Inputs Outputs


item_powerpill is a small, brightly shining gold coin found hidden in miniature item crates when smod_gamemode is enabled. painkiller is another variable that will enable drops by enemies, which can be combined with smod_gamemode.

Once picked up, these coins count towards the player's money score for purchasing health and battery power from aid stations and chargers. Similar to old-school video game pickups, these coins will disappear shortly after they appear, so a quick grab is a must.

(DBDB: Could use some new shots when able.)


  • targetname <string>
    Assigns the entity a targetname, used by other entities to refer to this entity. Can be shared by other entities.
  • origin <X Y Z>
    Sets the position of the entity within the world. See Coordinates.
  • angle <X Y Z>
    Sets the angular positioning (Pitch, Yaw, Roll) of the entity.
  • model <string>
    Sets the model of the entity.
  • fademindist <float>
    Sets the distance at which the entity model starts to fade. (0 : use fademaxdist)
  • fademaxdist <float>
    Sets the maximum distance at which the entity model is visible. (0 : don't fade out)
  • fadescale <float>
    The scale factor that gives some control over fading. Using 0 turns off the forced fade values.


  • Kill
    Deletes the entity.
  • KillHierarchy
    Deletes the entity along with any children it may have.
  • AddOutput <key> <value> OR <output name> <entity>: <input>: <parameter>: <delay>: <fire only once?>
    Evaluates a keyvalue/output on this entity. Not guaranteed to work and can cause problems so handle with care.


  • OnPlayerTouch
    Fires when the player touches this object.
  • OnCacheInteraction
    This output fires when the player proves they have 'found' this item. Fires when the player bumps into the item, picks it up, or manipulates it with the Gravity Gun.


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