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Feel free to contact us for questions, requests, suggestions, or comments at any time. This page is here for a reason, after all. Our contact information:

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About the wiki

The English SMOD Wiki started off in Winter 2007 as an experiment by SMOD: Tactical forum member Skepsis, eventually aided by fellow members like Super Muffin, Lemming, Onemanshow, and war_man33. Unfortunately, it didn't become much more than an unorganized repository of how-to snippets posted at the forum. In short, it was "pretty goddamn lame" and Skepsis eventually shut it down.

Mid-July 2009 eventually came, and with it, free time to kill. Skepsis decided to recreate the wiki from scratch, planning to make a comprehensive knowledge base in English for SMOD and do it right this time. Two weeks after starting a base to build off, he decided to ask for help from Tactical forum members Happy Cat and Super Muffin, and work began in earnest on a locked down, bare-bones wiki. After many weeks of work, the rebooted wiki was opened up on Dec. 12 of that year to little fanfare, much of the delay tied to a lack of detailed planning, unfamiliarity with Wikidot, or simple burnout.

Note that the wiki is (and for some time has been) no longer actively updated and is unlikely to see more than occasional corrections. The last SMOD release was in Nov 2009 and naturally, interest in it and the wiki has waned since then. You should still feel free to send in questions and comments though. It remains a pleasant surprise to still get asked for tips on mapadd scripts or setup questions (along with occasional hate mail, yay).

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