Simply a true/false value. Setting a boolean to 0 makes it false, while 1 makes it true. Booleans are typically off (false) by default.

Simply put, a byte is a whole (non-decimal) number that ranges from 0-255. Negative values will be ignored.

A classname is the name of an entity type as it appears in code. For example, npc_combine_s is the classname used for standard Combine soldiers.

Convar (Console Variable)
A variable that can easily be edited from the game console while the game is running. Variables are used to store settings like a soldier's health, whether bullet-time is on or off, and so on.

A float is basically a negative or positive value that can be used in decimal form. For example, if you were to set sk_dmg_takescale1 to 1.25, it wouldn't be rounded off whereas if you tried setting...

An integer is a whole (non-decimal) number that isn't as limited in range as a byte. This data type can usually handle negative values.

Modding Terminology
This is a list of modding terms that are used to describe some functions of game modding disciplines. This page exists if any reader is confused about some terms used within some of the articles....

Red-Blue-Green is a variable type used to select a color. The byte numbers for each color are added to make up the final color. A value of 255 0 0 for instance would be pure red.

A data type used to store text, used for variables that store model paths, special names, and so on. See String (computer science).

A targetname is a special name given to an entity so that other entities can reference it (ex. a trigger that checks its surroundings for a soldier named Guard). See the Valve Developer Community...

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