To-Do List

Minor but wanted edits noted here.
Pages with drafts awaiting submission listed here.

Happy Cat/ArmoredKitty's List


  • Overhaul the general article template.
  • Make a Kick page, correct _powerscale information.
  • Make some additions to the glossary.
  • Convert the mapadd reference page to tabview like weapon_custom or SMOD Soundscripts. Scratch that. I'll be converting those two back from tabview eventually. Makes it impossible to link to a section of the page without some workarounds.
  • Tweak the front page so navigation is less awkward. Nav tables should be resized and up front.
  • Wrap up the Lua reference. Done
    • Cook up three or so basic(-ish) tutorials demonstrating Lua's use in SMOD.
    • one two three


  • Add more links between the weapon/NPC pages.
  • Check all the thumbnail/full image links. Second thumbnails for Houndeye, Cloaked Combine were linking to their selves. Oops.
  • Replace shot boxes. Done


  • Create and link to something of a convar FAQ. "How do I enable friendly fire?", "How do I enable so-and-so?", etc.
  • Update the Lua examples' code. These were made as I was still quite new to the language and could be tighter.
  • Overhaul Port Doors. Replace Port Doors, since it's a bit of a mess. Perhaps with a pair of articles that are paced better, instead of trying to cram an example of each mapadd option (label, kv, outputs) in one.
  • Update color correction page.
  • Update Crosshair Customization.
  • Update Nodemaker use page.
  • CSS SCI FI, Redux, Underhell, and Troopers articles.
  • Custom weapon example w/ custom explosive alt.
  • Rework the console command list.
    • Supplemental list for other variables not found in the main list but are used in NPC/weapon articles.

Draft List

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