Tactical Sci-fi Action.
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Latest version 3.02 (May 26, 2010)
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CSS SCI FI (3: Hardwired) is a mod that tosses the player into a series of missions where they must cripple the Combine's effort against the human Resistance. The gameplay and style is kept similar to Half-Life2's and the author maintains a minimalist approach, making conservative use of custom assets like models or textures.

The mod is also highly customizable through a user-friendly configuration utility. This allows users unfamiliar with SMOD to tailor their experience, with options ranging from enemy skill and weapon recoil to visual effects and bullet-time styles.


CSS SCI FI began as a modest pack of mapadd scripts for core Counter-Strike: Source maps. Thereafter, the mod was gradually polished, optimized, and expanded over many months to include quality community maps and other enhancements like the Configuration Utility and abundant documentation. The bulk of its development took place in Oct. '06 - Oct. '07 and Oct. '08 - Oct '09.

The mod has been featured on Podcast 17 and received support from Phillip Marlowe of PlanetPhillip, where it is featured in his list of top picks.


  • The Configuration Utility included offers players a simple way to adjust the game to their tastes: difficulty, visual effects, and other options like health regeneration or crosshair style can be tweaked from here.
  • Non-linear map layouts, randomized supplies, and hostile tactics/armament that change with each play mean that no mission will play the same way twice.
  • Retains the feel of Half-Life2 while adding new enemies, weapons, and abilities spanning across 42 missions with multiple goals, secret caches, and challenging opposition.


The latest version is 3.02, which can be downloaded here at ModDB. Note that despite the page's date, this is current. The author updates this download page instead of creating a new one, so that old links will always point to the newest version.


(official trailer)

(official slideshow; also on Flickr)


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