SMOD: Outbreak
Because poking holes in a zombie rarely gets old.
Status Released, In Dev.
Latest version .98a (Nov. 13 2009)
Project Leads veteran_gamer
Useful (aka Business)
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Outbreak might be best summed up as an add-on to the original SMOD that encourages the same frenzied action as it throws a generous number of hostiles at the player, especially zombies. Following its base, Outbreak's arsenal includes usual suspects like the G36 carbine, as well as less conventional ones such as a katana that gives the player a speed boost.


Outbreak started off in Summer 2007 as a small, personal mod by SMOD: Tactical forum member veteran_gamer. His hobby project was later released and was well received. As time went on, others like Useful, Jen4, and IneptGuard contributed work and ideas as well.

Some time after the release of version .67 in July '09, veteran_gamer decided Outbreak had attracted too much attention after being posted on ModDB, and responded by announcing the mod would no longer be worked on. At the same time, registration was barred at Outbreak's forum and a thread only available to registered users was posted, explaining this was not the case and encouraging forum-goers to play into the idea of Outbreak's death. It was in this way that a number of people were surprised to learn of the new .98 release later that year, boasting fresh mapadd additions, a new weapon selection, and better overall polish.


  • Rather than a sighted view like that in Tactical, a Far Cry-style zoom is used instead, allowing the player to focus on targets while leaving their view more open to other threats.
  • Enhanced Zombie V2 enemies that can climb and jump like Ravenholm's fast zombies, leaving far fewer places to safely hide or hole up. These threats feature heavily throughout the game.
  • Counter-Strike and other community models alongside custom skins for Outbreak lend a new look to the player's world.
  • Mapadd scripts by Useful add some variety to the original Half-Life2 campaign, including a good helping of ambushes.

Future Plans

In response to the May 2010 Half-Life2 update, the latest version of Outbreak is no longer downloadable from its ModDB page, pending a newer, compatible release.

veteran_gamer otherwise considers Outbreak more or less complete and hasn't stated any plans for building upon it, but hinted consideration once SMOD 2 is farther along and features like the custom weapon system make a return.


To get the latest version of Outbreak, use the .98 installer and then apply the .98a patch. See Future Plans above.

Outbreak requires Half-Life2 and the Source SDK Base, so ensure those apps are installed/preloaded.

Useful's add-ons for ironsights and other options are available here.



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