SMOD: Tactical
SMOD:T's big, bad Overwatch soldier. Art by Shakken.
Status Released, Halted
Latest version Delta 5.56 (July 31, 2008)
Project Leads Onemanshow (5.56 - )
Phatcat (1.0 - 5.5)
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SMOD: Tactical is a mod aimed at providing a challenging tactical shooter experience for SMOD players. It accomplishes this through a reduced HUD, a limited player inventory, the inclusion of real-world weapons, and a number of other tweaks to its source material.


Tactical began life as a weapons pack for SMOD, featuring a handful of conventional weapons like the G36 carbine and Mossberg shotgun. Since then, it steadily grew to become more of a full-fledged realism mod and develop its own community.

During that growing period, the SMOD: Damage side-project was born with the aim of creating a multiplayer incarnation of Tactical. However, due both to a slew of unfixable glitches and problems with its former leader Houston, it was eventually scrapped. Its aim was later carried by "Close Contact" but that project too is on ice for now, as of July 13, 2009.

On June 26, 2008, Tactical's creator Phatcat handed the reins to Onemanshow of the SMOD: Redux project. Not long after, the new lead released the Delta 5.56 patch version. The next major release was eventually slated for Summer 2010.

Tactical remained in development until late June 2010. Because of the May 2010 update's complications, persistent community tension, and a leak of Delta 6's development version, Onemanshow quit and offered to hand the project back to Phatcat. This offer was refused and Phatcat decided to shut down the SMOD: Tactical forum indefinitely.


  • The mod uses a minimal HUD with no crosshairs and a health regeneration system like that in the Call of Duty series. Because freeaim is enabled, the use of iron sights is doubly important for the player to be effective.
  • The mod includes real-world weapons (using Counter-Strike community models), all with bullet penetration, iron sight views and a fitting lethality.
  • Weapons from the vanilla Half Life 2 and the normal SMOD have been completely replaced and deleted (except for the Gravity Gun, Bugbait, and RPG, since these are necessary to complete the single player campaign,) and can no longer be acquired though normal means or even console codes.
  • The opposition is more aggressive than in Half-Life2 and will frequently attempt to suppress and flank you. They also make use of grenades more often to flush you from cover.
  • Custom or converted models and skins by tokotokowalker and art by Shakken help add to the atmosphere.
  • New configuration files make changing gore settings, enemy difficulty, and so on a bit easier.
  • Includes a number of mapadd scripts for playing single-player on stock or community maps like cs_assault, dm_mine_enhanced, etc.

Future Plans

Prior to the shutdown, Onemanshow talked about several things planned for the next version of Tactical, both through regular SMOD:T forum posts and occasional "progress reports". Among the expected changes:

  • Enemy difficulty, visual effects, and other options would be easily customizable by casual users through a menu system.
    • This menu would include options for healing, including one which will force the player to bandage wounds or suffer gradual damage until they die.
  • New mapadd scripts would make an appearance for maps like de_vegas_css, dotd_crookcounty, and other Counter-Strike:Source maps. The original Half-Life2 campaign would also be tweaked to improve its flow within Tactical.
  • Weapons' behavior would be changed to make them "less Hollywood" and NPCs would appropriately react to gunshots, in contrast to regular Half-Life2 where the sound only registers within a short distance. Because of this, suppressed weapons would've had more purpose than before, leading to fewer hostile teams searching for the sound's origin. Pistol ammunition would lose effectiveness at longer ranges as kinetic energy rapidly slips away, and the bullet "whiz" effects would be replaced with supersonic "crack" sounds.


You can grab the latest full archive (Delta 5.56) here from Filefront. Since the May 2010 Half-Life2 update, it's necessary to switch over to the Source SDK Base to make it usable, though some campaign maps will still have issues. Alternatively, you can download Project Life, a fan project that seeks to patch Tactical for the update and resolve other problems with the game. The beta of Version 1.0 (mentioned above in "Future Plans") was also leaked, and you can download it here. Just remember, it's a leaked beta version and it shouldn't be expected to have full functionality.

Tactical requires Half-Life2 and Counter-Strike: Source assets, so ensure those games are installed/preloaded.


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