addcontents.txt is an SMOD script used to mount content from other Source mods or games you have. It does come with limitations however.

First, it does not import binary code into SMOD. What it does import are any non-script assets like maps, materials, or models, along with any mapadd files that can be found. It will usually not allow you to access content from pre-loaded GCFs. Be sure you own the game before you intend to mount it's content.

It is highly recommended that you do not mount any mods or games based on any Source engine version beyond the early Episode 1 engine builds. This is because SMOD itself is based on pre-Episode 1 code.


"Additional contents list"
    "Contents" {
//        "HL2MP" {
//            "path" "hl2mp"
//            "id" "320"
//        }
//        "HL1:S" {
//            "path" "hl1"
//            "id" "280"
//        }
//        "CS:S" {
//            "path" "cstrike"
//            "id" "240"
//        }
//        "DOD:S" {
//            "path" "dod"
//            "id" "300"
//        }
//        "LostCoast" {
//            "path" "lostcoast"
//            "id" "340"
//        }

By default, all games are commented out (with //). You must un-comment blocks for each game you wish to mount into your SMOD installation. SMOD does use HL2MP and CS:S maps through some mapadds, so if you own the games, it is a good idea to un-comment those to access the new content playable in SMOD.


        "HL2MP" {
            "path" "hl2mp"
            "id" "320"

Line 1: This sets the name of the values block. This does not have to be anything specific.
Line 2: path sets the game path. This is usually the game's abbreviated name. See Game Name Abbreviations.
Line 3: id sets the needed Steam Application ID. See Steam Application IDs for a full list.

Mounting third party MOD content

Mounting other mods' assets is about as easy, if not more so. Simply create another code block for the mod and put the game's literal path into the path line. For instance, if you wanted to mount Half-Life 2: Substance's content, it would look something like:

    "Half-Life 2 Substance" {
    "path" "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\HL2Substance"

Note that you only need an id keyavlue if you are mounting games or mods that are GCF archived.


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