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npc_gib_model.txt is a script in SMOD that handles specific NPC gib models. The settings can be fine tuned per model, and with 2 NPC bases, default_humans and default_aliens.



    "default_humans" {
        "skin"        "0"
        "ragdoll_gibs"    "models/gibs/rgib_p1.mdl"
        "gib2"        "models/gibs/pgib_p1.mdl"
    "default_aliens" {
        "skin"        "1"
        "gib2"        "models/gibs/pgib_p3.mdl"
        "ragdoll_gibs"    "models/gibs/rgib_p1.mdl"
    "models" {
        "Antlion.mdl" {
            "skin"        "1"
            "gib2"        "models/gibs/Antlion_gib_Large_1.mdl"
            "gib2"        "models/gibs/Antlion_gib_medium_1.mdl"
            "70" {
                "gib2"        "models/gibs/Antlion_gib_medium_1.mdl"
            "30" {
                "gib2"        "models/gibs/Antlion_gib_small_1.mdl"

Line 1: Starts the script by specifying the script data.
Line 3: Specifies what NPC base you'll be working with. default_humans include any humanoid NPCs such as combine, citizens, and zombies. default_aliens includes any non-humanoid NPCs such as head crabs, vortigaunts, and antlions.
Line 4: Sets what skin the gib models will be using. See multiple skins on a single model.
Line 5: Specifies that this particular model will be a ragdoll gib. Only appearing when the NPC is dead and the ragdoll is gibbed.
Line 6: Specifies that the model will be a default gib. These gibs appear when an NPC is gibbed while alive.
Line 8: This is the same as line 3 but is set to a different NPC base.
Line 13: Sets up a new code block were you can specify gib settings on a per model basis.
Line 14: This defines what model to set gib models for. This can only apply within the models script block.
Line 18 & 21: These set up blocks for setting chances to spawn additional gibs. Each value represents a percentage. The sum of the values must not exceed 100 or the values won't work completely. Please note that this portion of the script may not work under all circumstances.


(DBDB: Update.)

  • gore_gibhealth <integer> ( Default: 50 )
    Sets how much damage ragdolls take before gibbing.

  • gore_gib_eat_sound <string> ( Default: Meat.Stamp )
    Sets what sound is played when the player eats a giblet.

  • gore_gib_quantity_of_calorie <integer> ( Default: 1 , Min: -1, Max: 64)
    Sets how much health the player gains from eating gibs.

  • gore_instagibmode <boolean> ( Default: 0 )
    When enabled, gore_gibhealth is in effect even before the NPC is turned into a ragdoll. For example, if gore_gibhealth was set to 50 and and this variable was enabled, a headshot from a Kar98 (300) would instantly gib a typical soldier.

  • gore_togib <boolean> ( Default: 1 )
    When enabled, ragdolls can "gib" (explode in a shower of blood/gore) after they've taken enough damage.

  • gore_moregore <see below> ( Default: 0 )

    0 : Blood and gore behave as usual; while NPCs can be gibbed, only a modest explosion of blood and small meat chunks that stick to surfaces will appear.
    1 : Increases the amount of blood and gore; NPCs will spout more blood when wounded and splotches can appear where this blood hits. Gib explosions are bloodier than before and will shoot out larger giblets such as hands or organs. The small meat chunks that normally appear will now drip blood from where they have stuck.
    2 : Same as 1, but the blood explosion is slightly less dramatic and the meat chunks will no longer bleed.

  • gore_ragdoll_bloodstain <boolean> ( Default: 0 )
    When enabled, ragdolls will leave blood splotches when they move around. The blood splotches are not visible if violence_*blood is off or gore_noblood is on.

  • gore_raggib_fadetime <float> ( Default: 6, Min: -1, Max: 64)
    Sets how long in seconds before a ragdoll giblet fades away.

  • gore_raggib_max <integer> ( Default: -1 , Min: -1, Max: 64)
    Sets the maximum amount of primary giblets (hands, arms, etc.) that spawn from ragdolls.

  • gore_stickygib_max <integer> ( Default: -1 , Min: -1, Max: 64)
    Sets the maximum amount of secondary gib chunks that can temporarily stick on surfaces and drip blood.

  • gore_raggib_throwpowerscale <float> ( Default: 1 )
    Sets how forcefully gibs move and scatter upon gibbing a ragdoll.

  • gore_raggib_unbreakable <boolean> ( Default: 0 )
    When enabled, primary giblets (limbs, organs, etc.) cannot be destroyed by gunfire or other harm.

  • gore_raggib_spawncount <integer> ( Default: -1 , Min: -1, Max: 64)
    Sets how many gibs spawn upon ragdoll death. Idk.. TEST IT.

  • gore_damage_forcescale <float> ( Default: 1 )
    Scales how much physics damage counts toward gore_gibhealth.

  • gore_raggib_interacttime <float> ( Default: 0 )
    Sets how long in seconds before giblets revert to client-side physics. 0 or lower prevents the transition.

  • ragdoll_gibtimer <float> ( Default: 10 )
    Sets the time until ragdoll gibs fade away.

  • gore_precaching_gibmodels <boolean> ( Default: 1 )
    When enabled, all the models specified in npc_gib_model.txt are precached to avoid lag.


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