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smodaclist.txt is an SMOD script that can add entity names to the console's auto-complete list. The entries are limited to the npc_create, npc_create_equipment, and give commands. Each command is given it's own code block and within those code blocks you should list any entities that you want to include.



"npc_create" {

"npc_create_equipment" {

"give" {



Line 1 names the command that the next few lines will apply to. In this case, npc_create_equipment so any added commands will fill out its list of possible weapons.

Line 2 has an opening brace, {. This signals the start of a code block, which will continue until we hit its closing brace, }. Anything within these braces will apply to the command named in line 1.

Line 3 is a entity we want to add to the auto-complete list for this command. In this case, the SVD rifle's classname is being added.

Line 4 is a closing brace for the npc_create_equipment block. You must match every opening brace with a closing brace or you'll have problems. Most commonly, the entire script won't run or some code blocks will be skipped over and won't do anything.

Usage Notes

  • The auto-complete list is cap-sensitive. If you type out npc_Create instead of npc_create, don't expect help from the console.
  • Fake entity names can be used with override_class.txt to create new spawn commands. A case where this is useful is making some coherent names for custom weapons; an entry for weapon_shredder can be created that will always be overridden to weapon_custom17.


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