Getting Started With SMOD


Be aware that fixed SMOD versions require Source SDK Base 2006. This should install automatically in Steam but alternate ways include:

  • Finding it in the Library after clicking on your filter (All Games) and setting it to Tools or
  • Copying steam://install/215 into your browser's address bar.

If you do intend to play the original Half-Life2 campaign under SMOD40a, look here or here for Onemanshow's archive that includes:

  • Official patches - SMOD40a and the later turret fix.
  • Unofficial patch so SMOD can run on Source SDK Base '06 for compatibility with the May 2010 engine update.
  • Addcontents.txt pre-configured for mounting Half-Life2's content.
  • Pre-update versions of maps that were updated for HDR and presented graphical errors in SMOD.
  • Rebuilt node graphs, cutting some additional loading times brought on by map updates.
  • Small campaign fixes (such as the bugged train in an early Route Kanal map).

If you don't intend to play the original Half-Life2 campaign under SMOD40a (e.g. building an SMOD project), you can download the smaller wiki archive here containing:

  • Official patches - SMOD40a and the later turret fix.
  • Unofficial patch so SMOD can run on Source SDK Base '06 for compatibility with the May 2010 engine update.
  • Expanded the bind list for things like the first-/third- person cameras, chase camera, night vision, etc.
  • Basic install instructions (for HPC setups, see below). Instructions also included for tweaking it to play through Half-Life2, though the above archive is better suited for this.

If you'd rather apply the basic set of fixes yourself, you can get SMOD40 and its two code patches straight from the SMOD release archive. Since Valve's May 2010 update to Half-Life2's engine, an additional fix is also needed. You can find instructions for that here. Note that it is beyond any of these patches to fix the new lighting/texture problems with original campaign maps. If you aren't developing a project, it may be best to grab a mod like CSS SCI FI instead or use Onemanshow's archive above, which includes pre-update map versions.

SMOD is also being rebuilt from the ground up for the Episode 2 engine as "SMOD 2". It's not as fully-featured as its predecessor yet, but about as fun to play around in. The latest version is 2.03, which can be found here or at the official archive here. Mind that since the May 2010 update, at least some users are having problems launching it (this writer included).

Installing SMOD

To install SMOD, you use a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip to handle the file archive. The "SMOD" (or "SMOD2") folder within the archive should be extracted to your SourceMods directory (Ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Sourcemods\). In order for it to show up on your game list, Steam needs to be restarted.

Upon first running the game, some file caches will be created. This may take a little while, so try to be patient. After the caches are done, go into your keyboard options and bind SMOD's new controls to make full use of the mod.

HPC installation

To install other game content into SMOD via HPC:

  1. Move your content to a designated directory. For example: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SMOD-CONTENT
  2. Find SMOD in your steam games list.
  3. Right click on the mod and select properties.
  4. Click "Set launch options…"
  5. And the line -hpc "Your Directory Here". In this case: -hpc "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SMOD-CONTENT

HPC installation is recommended for seasoned users only. If you don't want to risk errors in your SMOD installation, it may be best to just copy and paste the new files into your SMOD directory or create another folder within Steam\steamapps\SourceMods that you can mount with addcontents.txt.

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