This page is a translation of SMOD's readme files for those who can't comprehend the Japanese language. It was made using free online translators, context clues, our knowledge of how SMOD works, etc. It's by no means a professional translation so some information may not be accurate and in the changelog especially, The Author's descriptions for many things were shortened since they're documented elsewhere on the site anyway.

Italic text is used for text that we haven't made sense of (yet) or for some other reason is unchanged. You thankfully won't see this too often.

Red text is used for comments of our own. Again, not that common.

Monospaced text is used for technical names or commands like the notarget command which aren't linked to an article. You'll almost always find a relevant article here or at the VDC if you search.

What is SMOD?

It is a single-player mod that changes Half-Life2. Its function is to add great variety to the game and make it generally more enjoyable. It is a way to play single-player maps in a new light, or to replay Half-Life2 a second time with a new experience.

PC hardware recommendations

A CPU slightly better than that of the recommended HL2 system requirements.
1 GB of RAM or more is recommended.

Upon downloading…

Check the file attachment with up-to-date virus scanners.
I ask for self-responsibility when handling this mod.
Note: Anti-viral algorithms and encryption have been are included in the compiled DLLs to prevent viral infection.


Because I offer this mod with anonymity, it means that “confidence is not possible”.
Please take note of download places other than the originals. If you think there has been an alteration of binary files, please do not use.

Perhaps this mod is not for the following:

  • People with no spirit of inquiry.
  • People who cannot control themselves.
  • People with no interest in singleplayer.
  • People who don't love Gordon.

Starting method

1. Put the SMOD folder in the steamapps/sourcemods directory.
2. Open Steam, then run SMOD from the "My games" list.
3. Activate the console through options > keyboard > advanced and set sv_cheats 1.
4. Start a new game or use map d1_trainstation_06 to skip to the action.

Development PC hardware

  • AMD Athlon 64 3200 +
  • Geforce 6600GT LeadTek 128MB
  • 3GB RAM
  • Sound Blaster Audigy
  • Windows 2000

Third-party credits

Below is a list of third party content used in SMOD.

ANM14 (smod37~smod37d2 replacement being completed)

  • This has been ported from Soldier of Fortune 2.

SVD (smod27~)

  • This has been ported from Firearms mod (HL1).

MP5 (smod27~)

  • From

- Model: Raven
- Textures: [a] ixShooter
- Animations: VALVe

AK47 (smod33~)

  • From

- Mode: Darkstron
- Animations: Jen (Condition Zero port)

Banana (smod13~)

  • From Counter Strike: Source.

Kar98 and Grease Gun (smod24~)

  • Both are from Day of Defeat.

Houndeye (smod29~)

  • Ported from from Half-Life: Source.

Meat (smod6~smod33)

  • They are from Half-Life: Source.

As of SMOD 34, there are original gib models.

Blood (smod1~smod33)

  • Textures are from Soldier of Fortune 2.

As of SMOD 34, there are original blood textures.

The use of content in SMOD

If you wish to use the content within SMOD for your mod it is not necessary to ask or communicate with me.
Please do so freely.

Note: If you are the author of any content within SMOD and object to its use, you may request its removal from all public archives. It will happen immediately.

Changelog (original branch)

Table of Contents


SMOD 16.5

SMOD 20.5
SMOD 2.5 test
SMOD 21.1

SMOD 27a
SMOD 27b
SMOD 28a
SMOD 28b
SMOD 28c
SMOD 29a
SMOD 29b

SMOD 29c
SMOD 29d
SMOD 29e
SMOD 29f
SMOD 30a
SMOD 31a
SMOD 31b
SMOD 31c

SMOD 31d
SMOD 31e
SMOD 31f
SMOD 34a
SMOD 34b
SMOD 34c
SMOD 34d

SMOD 34e
SMOD 34f
SMOD 34g
SMOD 35a
SMOD 35b
SMOD 35c
SMOD 36a
SMOD 36b

SMOD 37a
SMOD 37b
SMOD 37c
SMOD 37d
SMOD 37d2
SMOD 37e
SMOD 38a
SMOD 38b

SMOD 38c
SMOD 38d
SMOD 39a
SMOD 39b
SMOD 39b2
SMOD 39c
SMOD 39d
SMOD 39d2
SMOD 39e

SMOD 39f
SMOD 39g
SMOD 39h
SMOD 39i
SMOD 40a
SMOD 40a_quickfix

(in ascending order)


  • Implemented server-side ragdolls for NPCs.
  • Unlimited ammo variable, infinityammo.
  • A toggle for the strong Gravity Gun version, physcannon_megacannon.
  • A toggle for Antlion spawners, antlion_maker_enable
  • Firing rate variable for weapon_ar2.
  • Firing rate variable for weapon_smg1.

SMOD 1 -> SMOD 2

  • Server-side ragdoll boolean, force_server_ragdoll.
  • Ragdoll joint settings.

SMOD 2 -> SMOD 3

  • Nothing is documented.

SMOD 3 -> SMOD 4

SMOD 4 -> SMOD 5

  • Added the beam alt-fire to weapon_physlauncher.
  • Added null checks for weapon_physlauncher's entity copying.
  • Added the variable physlaunch_throwtime.

SMOD 5 -> SMOD 6

  • Added Half-Life 1 gibs.

SMOD 6 -> SMOD 7

SMOD 7 -> SMOD 8

  • Corrected a bug with the jeep's collision checking.

SMOD 8 -> SMOD 9

  • Corrected a bug with the jeep's collision checking.
  • Added separate blood and gibs for aliens and humans. Zombies are considered human for this.
  • Halved the spawn time of gibs.
  • Various bug fixes.

SMOD 9 -> SMOD 10

  • Citizens can now catch fire.
  • When NPCs are copied and spawned with weapon_physlauncher, the spawned NPCs' disposition becomes friendly.
  • Applied npc_create_equipment to NPCs spawned by weapon_physlauncher.
  • Changed the color of the HUD.

SMOD 10 -> SMOD 11

SMOD 11 -> SMOD 12

  • The crowbar can now be thrown.
  • Added a boolean for an automatic crossbow, weapon_crossbow_fastshoot.
  • weapon_lasergun now consumes battery power.
  • Added the npc_weapon_randomize script.
  • Batteries now have a slim chance of being dropped by NPCs instead of health.
  • The infinityammo variable makes laser ammunition unlimited.

SMOD 12 -> SMOD 13

  • Fixed an issue with the g_ragdoll_maxcount variable.
  • Server ragdolls now catch fire.
  • Added the banana bomb weapon, weapon_bananna.
  • Combine can now have a slim chance to be given extra strength - extreme_strong_gappoi
  • The default value of npc_randomize_weapon_max was increased to 6 from 5.

SMOD 13 -> SMOD 14

  • Fixed the laser gun consuming battery power while infinityammo is effective.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gauss Gun's firing sound when it was fully charged.
  • Fixed citizens and metropolice animation issues when using the shotgun and laser gun.
  • Fixed metropolice accuracy with the laser gun.
  • Fixed multiple small errors.
  • The banana textures were zipped up. The problem has been resolved, so please reinstall.
New features

SMOD 14 -> SMOD 15

  • Added the npc_togib variable.
  • weapon_bananna now functions similarly to a pipebomb.

SMOD 15 -> SMOD 16

New features
  • Added the itemcrate_jackintheboxmode variable.
  • Fixed gib textures.
  • You can now press "+use" while handling weapon_bugspawner to summon loyal antlions.
  • Added a model for weapon_physgun's glue.
  • Added weapon_stickybomb.
  • Added some of the new weapons to various locations in the campaign maps.
  • Added a single-player experience for dm_lockdown.
  • Fixed antlions spawned by weapon_bugspawner attacking important NPCs (Alyx, Barney, Eli, etc).
  • Fixed Combine NPCs' accuracy with the laser gun.
  • Fixed weapon_bananna world model.
  • All chapters are unlocked.

SMOD 16 -> SMOD 16.5

  • Precached headcrabs when item_jackinthebox_mode is effective.
  • Headcrabs are now precached when item_jackinthebox_mode is effective.
  • Fixed memory leak errors with the mod.
  • Fixed mapadd functionality.

SMOD 16.5 -> SMOD 17

SMOD 17 -> SMOD 18

New features
  • Improved the dm_lockdown single-player experience by adding an escort mission concerning Dr. Kleiner.
  • The maps d1_town_01 and d1_town_01a are now edited, with friendly Combine soldiers included.
  • Added npc_f_kleiner to d3_c17_10a, around where you encounter the suppression device.
  • Precached all new NPCs.
  • Fixed citizen command bugs.

SMOD 18 -> SMOD 19

New features
  • Added new nodes to HL2 maps.
  • Added death expressions for citizens.
  • Made npc_sniper ragdolls server-side.
  • Dead headcrabs that come off zombies are now server-side ragdolls.
  • weapon_physgun can now freeze objects with the use key.
  • Made the zombie torso and leg ragdolls server-side.
Bug fixes
  • Disabled flare gun ricochets.
  • Tweaked burning server-side ragdolls to avoid processing lag.

SMOD 19 -> SMOD 20f

New features
  • Tweaked dm_lockdown's node setup. Kleiner is likely to be attacked from the rear now.

SMOD 20 -> SMOD 20.5

New features
  • Antlion ragdolls made server-side.
  • Ragdoll optimizations.
  • Enemy blood corrections.
  • Fixed saved games not retaining server-side ragdoll information.
  • Reworks of d1_canals_10 and d3_c17_09.

SMOD 20.5 -> SMOD 20.5 test

SMOD 20.5 Test -> SMOD 21

New features
  • Added the scissors weapon, weapon_scissor.
  • Added a chance for random [*/npc:f-combine npc_f_combine NPCs to become friendly elites.
  • Code corrections, including a bug where friendly Combine could be become invisible.
  • Memory bug fixes.

SMOD 21 -> SMOD 21.1

New features
  • Added weapon_alyxgun to the list of weapons given by impulse 101.
  • Changed Alyxgun model to the pistol's.
  • Added a variable for the Alyxgun's fire rate, weapon_alyxgun_firerate.

SMOD 21.1 -> SMOD 22

  • Added new Alyxgun viewmodel.
  • Added Alyxgun fire modes.
  • Added motion sensor bombs, weapon_msbomb.
  • Improved the texture of scissors.
  • Changed the sound used when the player fires the Alyxgun.
  • Added a secondary attack to scissors.
  • Added the Gordon Stick, weapon_lstick.

SMOD 22 -> SMOD 23

New features
  • Added secondary attack to weapon_lstick.
  • Added world model for the Gordon Stick.
  • Set the Alyxgun's alt-fire to change fire modes.
  • Fixed an issue where msbombs wouldn't explode.
  • Fixed issues where msbomb lasers wouldn't react to players, props, or NPCs under certain conditions (such as being set on the ceiling or floor).
  • Added msbombs to the precache list.
  • Fixed the scissor projectile's behavior.
  • Corrected the scissor weapon's secondary fire.
  • Corrected a bug where if weapon_msbomb, weapon_scissors and weapon_lstick are equipped, the game could crash while changing levels.
  • Changed the Alyxgun's bullet type to [pistol bullets.

SMOD 23 -> SMOD 24

New features
  • Added the AK47, weapon_ak47.
  • Added the Kar98 weapon_kar98.
  • Added the Grease Gun, weapon_grease.
  • Fixed combine placement in d1_canals_01.
  • Fixed ragdoll issues.
  • Added more backgrounds.

SMOD 24 -> SMOD 25

New features
  • Had to fix an issue with the friendly Combine model. Because of this, friendly Combine can no longer turn into elites.
  • Fixed metro police animations for rifles.
  • Added HUD icons for new weapons.
  • Toned down the Grease Gun's recoil.
  • Corrected weapon_lstick sprites.
  • Reworked d2_coast_04 and d2_coast_05.

SMOD 25 -> SMOD 26

New features
  • Added spark effect to head-shots against Combine and the like.
  • Added AK47, Grease, and Laser Gun distance sounds.

SMOD 26 -> SMOD 27

New features
  • Added weapon_svd.
  • Added weapon_mp5.
  • Fixed the dropprimary command to drop held weapons. Also made it possible to select empty weapons so that you can throw them.
  • Added maxweapons limitations.
  • Un-commented code to allow headlights on the buggy.
  • Changed the stalker's model to allow server-side ragdoll functionality.
  • Fixed metropolice ragdoll joint settings.
  • Fixed weapon_flaregun sound issues.
  • Fixed error in d1_trainstation_03.
  • Edited [*/weapon:alyxgun weapon_alyxgun}} ammunition.
  • Removed weapon_physlauncher from d1_trainstation_06.
  • Corrected npc_combine_c texture issues which could render it perfectly visible. Also corrected a hitbox issue with its model.
  • Fixed NPC issues with the laser gun and shotgun that would result in muzzle flashes appearing where they shouldn't.
  • Multiplied strider cannon damage by 20.
  • Doubled the range.
  • Fixed the strider cannon not damaging multiple enemies at a time.
  • Fixed gauss ammo not being made infinite while infinite ammo is enabled.
  • Fixed the recoil animation of weapon_annabelle.
  • Fixed issues with [*/weapon:f-monk the monk using weapon_annabelle.
  • Reworked d1_town_03, d1_canals_01, d2_coast_07, d2_coast_08, d2_coast_10, d2_coast_11, and d2_prison_02.

SMOD 27 -> SMOD 27a

New features
  • Added mapadd ai_relationship settings.
  • Added the ability to eat gibs and regain health.
  • Added npc_ffretaliation variable.
  • Fixed the strider cannon attack.
  • Fixed blood from Combine head-shots.
  • Changed the blood texture.

SMOD 27a -> SMOD 27b

  • Fixed ai_relationship problems in mapadds.

SMOD 27b -> SMOD 28

New features
  • Added gore_moregore variable.
  • Changed how the gunship explodes.
  • Corrected blood textures.
  • Fixed vehicle issues were player weapons were changed.
  • Reworked d2_coast_10, d2_prison_02, and d2_coast_04.

SMOD 28 -> SMOD 28a

  • Added a single-player experience to dm_underpass.
  • Fixed mapadd crashes.
  • Corrected random spawn model errors.

SMOD 28a -> SMOD 28b

New features
  • Edited functionality of random spawn.
  • Reworked .ain file readings.
  • Added a second option to gore_moregore.
  • Fixed npc_stalker model walking animations.
  • Enlarged the alien blood textures.
  • Made npc_combine_c camouflage non-refracting (temporarily).
  • Reworked d1_canals_01 and dm_underpass.

SMOD 28b -> SMOD 28c

New features
  • Added r_bloodpool option. There are some issues.
  • Fixed gore sounds.
  • Added funny expressions to npc_citizen deaths.
  • Fixed weapon_bananna script.
  • Reworked d1_canals_02, d1_canals_06, d1_canals_08, d1_canals_10, d2_coast_04, d2_coast_05, d2_coast_07, d2_coast_08.

SMOD 28c -> SMOD 29

New features
  • Decreased size of alien blood.
  • Modified scissor code.
  • Corrected scissor stacking.
  • Fixed the scissors' underwater speed.
  • Allowed weapon_abgun to be fired underwater.
  • Fixed mapadd value errors.
  • Disallowed the flare gun from being fired underwater.
  • Edited the MP5 and AK47 guns' recoil during a crouch.
  • Optimized various entities.
  • Fixed the gunship's crash explosion.
  • Fixed the Alyxgun's full-auto issues.
  • Made the Gordon Stick projectiles glow in the dark.

SMOD 29 -> SMOD 29a

  • Added toclientragdolltime variable.
  • Fixed bullet-time bullet discharge.
  • Made a new background image.

SMOD 29a -> SMOD 29b

New features
  • Optimized sounds.
  • Added muzzle direct lighting.
  • Fixed turret firing bug.
  • Fixed vehicles turning bullet-time off.
  • Fixed saved game bullet time issues.
  • Fixed ragdoll joint parameters.
  • Optimized ragdolls.
  • Reworked mapadds for d2_coast_10, d2_prison_06, d2_prison_07, d2_prison_08, d3_c17_01, d3_c17_02, d3_c17_04, d3_c17_05, d3_c17_06a, d3_c17_06b, d3_c17_07.

SMOD 29b -> SMOD 29c

  • Zombie blood was made red.
  • Fixed headcrab bug.

SMOD 29c -> SMOD 29d

  • Fixed crash in d2_coast_11.
  • Changed the SMG1's rate of fire.

SMOD 29d -> SMOD 29e

  • Fixed crash in d2_coast_11.

SMOD 29e -> SMOD 29f

  • Fixed water and weapon scope issues.

SMOD 29f -> SMOD 30

New features
  • Added a weapon modification option, smod_weapon_mod.
  • Added a weapon skill option, enemies_weaponskill.
  • Added cl_increaseparticles.
  • Added sounds.
  • Added a variable for the Combine gunship's attack speed, npc_gunship_combatthink.
  • The accuracy of enemies was revised.
  • Fixed Grease Gun accuracy.
  • Changed the attack speed of the PSP and Shovel.
  • Added LOD models to the MP5 and AK47.

SMOD 30 -> SMOD 30a

  • Adjusted cl_increaseparticles.
  • Fixed friendly NPCs' accuracy.

SMOD 30a -> SMOD 31

New features
  • Added fire_directlight option.
  • Added npc_damagefilter.
  • Added enemies_triggertime.
  • Added bullettimesim_drawtrail visual effect (orange bullet trails in bullet-time).
  • Added r_drawbullettimeeffects visual effects in bullet-time.
  • Added r_grenadeeffect visual effect in bullet-time.
  • Added ragdolltwitch option.
  • Added enemies_useshield, making enemies use bullet shields.
  • cl_increaseparticles changed to r_increaseparticles.
  • Fixed an issue with bullet time and AUX power that could leave the player stuck.
  • Fixed bullets in bullet time falling to the ground when shot into skyboxes.
  • Fixed lighting issue with spark emitters.

SMOD 31 -> SMOD31a

  • Changed fire_directlight to fire_dynamiclight.
  • Changed muzzledirectlight to muzzledynamiclight.
  • Added smod_dynamiclight_disabled variable.

SMOD 31a -> SMOD 31b

  • Fixed Combine not being damaged by bullets in bullet time.

SMOD 31b -> SMOD 31c

New features
  • Added false dynamic lighting (when smod_dynamiclight_disable is set to 2).
  • Added companion_weaponskill option.
  • Added npc_combine_c as an entirely new entity rather than a modified Combine elite.
  • Fixed dynamic lighting issues.
  • Fixed gunship and helicopter bullet speeds in bullet time.

SMOD 31c -> SMOD 31d

  • Optimized mapadd processing.
  • Fixed ragdoll twitching issues.

SMOD 31d -> SMOD 31e

  • Fix: Correcting the problem where indication of hueikudainamitsukuraito has become strange.

SMOD 31e -> SMOD 31f

  • Added the autofade_disable variable.
  • Added the weapon_svd_handblur_multi variable.
  • Fixed optical camouflage textures (npc_c_combine).
  • Fixed an issue with weapon_psp's attack.

SMOD 31f -> SMOD 32

New features
  • Added Gordon Kick.
  • Added several variables for modifying ragdoll behavior, including ragdoll_collision_type.
  • Added noblood variable.
  • Added r_increaseparticles functionality to props.
  • Added an option to disable mapadd loading, disable_loadmapadd.
  • Added new configuration files for ragdolls, visual effects, and gore.
    - exec ragdoll_
    - exec performance_
    - exec gore_
    - exec level_
  • Fixed crosshair and suit zoom issues.
  • Fixed ragdolls fading out with disable_autofade enabled.
  • Tweaked behavior of the Strider Cannon.
  • Removed automatic aiming from weapon_mod.
  • Fixed npc_combine_ace accuracy issues.
  • Fixed weapon randomization not applying to combine NPCs.
  • Made npc_combine_c invisible to friendly NPCs.
  • Behavior of npc_f_combine was modified.
  • Added auto-saves and game over message to dm_lockdown mapadd.

SMOD 32 -> SMOD 33

New features
  • Added ignore_ragdollmanager.
  • Added weapon_crossbow_forcesticky.
  • Added smoke from flames when r_increaseparticles is active.
  • Added iron sight aiming.
  • Added disable_quickinfo option.
  • Added npc_speedmultiplier option.
  • Added kick_gappoiball.
  • Combine speed was increased.
  • Corrected headcrab client-side ragdoll issues.

SMOD 33 -> SMOD 34

New features
  • Added combine_hasgrenade option.
  • Added r_motionblur option for motion blur visual effect.
  • Added r_btscreffect option for bullet time visual effect.
  • Added r_zoomlenseffect for DX9 only.
  • Added an enemy shield durability variable.
  • Added a custom SMOD font.
  • Added original gib models.
  • Added original blood textures.
  • Made gibs able to stick to walls.
  • Corrected Strider issues with exec ragdoll_real settings.
  • Fixed recoil viewpunch offset errors.
  • Modified behavior of enemies_useshield to fix issues.
  • Fixed issue with player dropping the Alyxgun.
  • Edited the Alyxgun.
  • Fixed weapon_mod auto-aim issues.
  • Fixed iron sight drift speed of viewmodels.
  • Fixed HUD damage indication errors.
  • Disabled iron sights upon entering a vehicle.
  • Optimized ragdolls.

SMOD 34 -> SMOD 34a

  • Fixed iron sight key issues.
  • Fixed an error in the HUD.
  • Corrected a problem with enemy shields.

SMOD 34a -> SMOD 34b

  • Fixed an issue with bullet time bullets underwater.
  • Fixed AR2 bullet time bullets.
  • Fixed Gravity Gun not picking up roller mines.
  • Added r_motionblur_max option.

SMOD 34b -> SMOD 34c

  • Fixed gunship gib issues due to model pre-cache errors.

SMOD 34c -> SMOD 34d

New features
  • Forced sv_unlockedchapter to be 99.
  • Added screeneffect_ config files.
  • Shortened AK47 texture.
  • Fixed ragdoll bleeding.
  • Decreased size of the Gordon Stick texture.
  • Fixed blood textures' alpha channels.
  • Modified AR2 bullet time bullets.
  • Changed behavior of NPC snipers' bullets in bullet time.
  • Fixed metropolice shield problems.
  • Fixed Combine not equipping shields.
  • Increased shield fragment particles.
  • Fixed HUD weapon icons.
  • Fixed AK47 damage calculations
  • Fixed AK47 recoil animations.
  • Fixed crosshair issues.
  • Fixed performance_highspec.cfg problems.
  • Fixed Gauss Gun secondary attack.

SMOD 34d -> SMOD 34e

  • Edited HUD.
  • Corrected an issue with NPCs firing the AR2.

SMOD 34e -> SMOD 34f

  • Fixed NPC problems when using weapon_lasergun.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with weapon_psp.
  • Fixed errors with weapon dropping.
  • Fixed vehicle motion blur.
  • Edited contents of npc_sounds_f.txt.
  • Removed HLTV code.
  • Edited NPC automatic fire behavior.
  • Fixed vehicle bullet time issues.
  • Bullet-time puts drains the battery slower.
  • Reworked d2_coast_01, d2_coast_02, and d2_prison_01.

SMOD 34f -> SMOD 34g

  • Added ironsightwalkspeed variable.
  • Fixed the bullet time shader not going away when in a vehicle.

SMOD 34g -> SMOD 35

New features
  • Added bullet time DSP filters.
  • Added bullettimesim_replace_se toggle.
  • Added playcoopmap command to play coop-themed maps.
  • Added hl2_playerdeathcam variable.
  • Added disable_autosave toggle.
  • Changed the damage that weapon_ak47, weapon_grease, weapon_mp5, and weapon_kar98 do when used by the player.
  • Fixed a bug with using weapon_physlauncher to copy turrets.
  • Optimized mapadd processing.
  • Fixed gibs crashing the game.
  • Optimized ragdolls.
  • Fixed weapon_physgun crashes when picking up turrets and poison zombies.
  • Fixed turrets' AR2 bullets being traced in bullet-time as if they were pistol bullets.

SMOD 35 -> SMOD 35a

  • If hl2_playerdeathcam is set to 2 and there's no player model set ("none"), the G-Man one will be used.
  • Added hl2_deathcam_zoffset to handle the gap in positions between the player's head and their death camera.
  • Added npc_gunship_deatheffect.
  • Added npc_kheadcrab.
  • Added exec_ragdoll_collide_ configurations.
  • Edited ragdoll_real.cfg and added ragdoll_enginedefault.cfg, ragdollcollide_reduce.cfg, and ragdollcollide_full.cfg.
  • Reworked d1_canals_01, d1_canals_02, d1_town_01, d1_town_01a, d1_town_02, d1_town_02a, d1_town_04, d1_trainstation_06, d2_coast_05 and corrected some node maps.

SMOD 35a -> SMOD 35b

  • Added [npc_um_citizen, with the um_citizen_model variable to customize it.
  • Fixed an issue where the gunship's explosive death could crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where if hl2_playerdeathcam was enabled, your weapon could fire faster than normal.
  • Fixed an issue with gib eating.

SMOD 35b -> SMOD 35c

New features
  • Added the ignore_point_command variable. Any command name(s) we would like to ignore are input.
  • Added the left/right reversal toggle, cl_righthand. With "AllowFlipping" enabled, it can reverse handedness for any weapon.
  • Added the player_takes_ffdamage toggle.
  • Added the hl2_player_locationdamage variable. Because of the way the model is utilized, hl2_playerdeathcam must be active too.
  • Added the enemies_disable_ff toggle for enemy Combine.
  • Added the hud_damageindicator_disable variable.
  • Expanded the r_increaseparticles variable. When it's set to 2, the effects below appear.
    - Some explosions will have more smoke.

- The number of fragments that occur with impacts is increased.

  • Antlion guards now can't recieve damage from other guards.
  • Fixed a bug where if playcoopmap was enabled and the player was killed while their suit battery was in use, it would keep draining after they respawned.
  • Balanced out the accuracy between Combine soldiers and metropolice.
  • Increased the size of the memory cache used for particles.
  • An error was occurring because of a missing .vtf for waidosukurin, and was fixed by placing a dummy texture.

SMOD 35c -> SMOD 36

New features
  • When r_increaseparticles is set to 2, it now also increases the amount of fragments created by explosions.
  • Added the bullettimesim_checkfinish toggle, which defaults to ON.
  • Added the hl2_player_noweaponlower toggle, which defaults to ON.
  • Made the Combine soldier's patrol flags ("patrol", "patrolrandom") have an effect on npc_citizen and npc_metropolice too.
  • Added auto-complete function (smodaclist.txt) for the commands below:
    - npc_create
    - npc_create_equipment
    - give
  • Revisited enemies_disable_ff so that friendly fire didn't occur between Combine soldiers and police.
  • Optimised bullet-time; previously, bullets that hit the skybox would continue processing.
  • Reworked the way AI processes .snl nodes.
  • Reworked giblets to better sync up with the blood.
  • Ragdoll giblets were made easily destroyable.
  • Added the weapon_soy_isoflavone variable for weapon_soy.
  • Added the companion_weaponskill variable.
  • Adjusted how much iron sight view reacts to the player turning around.
  • Corrected an issue with the crosshairs that could occur when hl2_playerdeathcam was enabled.
  • Corrected an issue where if playcoopmap was enabled and the player died in the water, the water's ambience would continue to play when they respawned.
  • Corrected an issue where if playcoop was enabled and the player died in the middle of a kick, the kick's view model would remain.

SMOD 36 -> SMOD 36a

New features
  • Added several variables concerning the third-person camera.
  • Corrected an issue where if hl2_playerdeathcam wasn't disabled and the player was dissolved by a strider's cannon or AR2 orb, the game would crash.
  • Corrected an issue where if weapon_physgun was used to hold a giblet while a player ate it, the game would crash.

SMOD 36a -> SMOD 36b

New features
  • Added the npc_keepweapon toggle.
  • Combine shield durability is now set using csdurability_max and csdurability_min.
  • Added the hl2_player_painfulvoice toggle.
Experimental Additions
  • Added weapon_gravgren. Still adjusting some things, including its sound.
  • Added a custom weapons feature. All functions have been planned but not necessarily added.
  • Added the ragdoll_dissolvephys toggle which makes client-side ragdolls appear weightless.
  • Fixed a problem with some weapons' recoil that would make them shoot bullets in directions they shouldn't.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if third-person view was enabled before the game had started.
  • Fixed an issue with third-person view and iron sight view.
  • Fixed an issue that would make cam_fixcamera ineffective while the player model was translucent.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's point of view could shift when the player model was translucent.
  • Fixed an issue with the player's third-person camera where it could reset while driving a vehicle.
  • Better synced up the third-person camera and the player model's facing.
  • Fixed an issue with the third-person camera where NPCs' muzzle flashes wouldn't show up.

SMOD 36b -> SMOD 37

New features
  • For custom weapons, adding support for Counter-Strike muzzle flashes and bullet casings.
  • NPCs can now use custom weapons.
  • Added a motion sensor bomb (classname: setmsbomb2) that reacts only to the player, specifically for mapadds.
  • Added the r_ironsightblur variable for the player, used in iron sight view.
  • Added the phys_npcdamagephysicsscale[1-2] variables, for when NPCs are attacked with weapons. This influences only NPCs but otherwise acts like phys_pushscale.
  • Added kick_powerscale variable to control the kick's strength.
  • Added the weapon_cfrag_powerscale variable for weapon_gravgren. It's possible to use negative values.
  • Added the overcharge ability to the strider cannon's secondary attack.
  • Added the npc_replace_model script and npc_replacemodel toggle.
  • Added the disable_autoswitch toggle, which defaults to ON.
  • You can set NPC weapon preference in detail, with the npc_weaponweight script and weapon_customweight toggle.
  • When r_increaseparticles is now set to 3, it adds a lively little effect.
  • You can multiply weapon_svd's damage with sk_plr_dmg_svd_scale and sk_npc_dmg_svd_scale. It's adjusted this way because the damage is calculated by the bullet's velocity; the faster it goes, the more damage increases.
  • You can set weapon_svd's bullet speed with the weapon_svd_speedscale variable.
  • Added the gore_raggib_unbreakable toggle for making giblets invincible.
  • You can restrict the number of ragdoll giblets with the gore_raggib_max variable.
  • You can modify the weight of objects with phys_massscale.
  • Added the ragdoll_electric_boogie toggle.
  • Added a difficult motion sensor bomb trap to d2_prison_07.

SMOD 37 -> SMOD 37a

New features
  • Added the [weapon_limitcategory variable.
  • Added the disable_kick variable, which disables Gordon's kick attack.
  • Added the disable_bullettime variable for disabling bullet-time.
  • Added the smod_player_deathswitchcamera variable for switching to third-person once dead.
  • Adding the variables cam_fixcamera_lowpos and cam_fixcamera_highpos to set the height of the fixed camera's position.
  • Adding the variable r_motionblur_min.

SMOD 37a -> SMOD 37b

New features
  • Added the weapon_cfrag_decrementammotype variable.
  • Added the weapon_scissor_decrementammotype variable.
  • Added the live camera and cam_livemode variable.
  • Added the snd_pitchshifttimescale variable, set to default.
  • Added the cam_fixcamera_changepos command.
  • Corrected disable_antlion_maker being set to 1 by default.
  • Corrected a bug with dropping the RPG that could give you extra ammo.

SMOD 37b -> SMOD 37c

New features
  • Added the bullettimesim_disable_flash toggle.
  • Fixes an issue with the player's jump.

SMOD 37c -> SMOD 37d

New features
  • Added the r_bulletimpact_blur variable.
  • Added a Red Orchestra-like aiming mode (toggled with smod_ro_aimmode), where your gun isn't fixed to the direction you're facing. This makes iron sights more important.
  • Adding weapon_hopwire and weapon_hopwire_old.
  • Introducing a bloom effect and adding r_smod_bloom and related commands.
  • Added smod_player_death_timescale for modifying the time scale upon death.
  • The health given by giblets is now set by the gore_gib_quantity_of_calorie variable.
  • The number of ragdoll giblets spawned is now set by the gore_raggib_spawncount variable.
  • The player's health can now be set through the smod_player_health variable.
  • Added custom ammo. Five possibilities: item_ammo_custom1 through item_ammo_custom5.
    - Their respective ammo names (used in weapon scripts) are CustomAmmo1 through CustomAmmo5.
    - Use item_customammo#_model for ammo pickups, item_customammo#_quantity to set the ammo given by those pickups, and sk_max_customammo# for setting how much ammo you can carry.
  • Corrected some models and bugs.

SMOD 37d -> SMOD 37d2

  • Fixed some of weapon_hopwire's instability that could crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue with r_increaseparticles set to 3 where particles would stop increasing.
  • Increased the particles spawned by antlions' deaths.

SMOD 37d2 -> SMOD 37e

New features
  • Added the smod_player_death_timescale_instant variable, which controls if smod_player_death_timescale is applied immediately upon death.
  • Added the bullettimesim_type variable.
    - When this is set to 0, bullets aren't affected and bullet-time is simply slow-motion.
    - At 1, just the player's bullets are slowed. At 2, only NPCs' bullets are slowed. At 3, both are affected.
  • Fixed CustomAmmo[2-5] not being defined.
  • Fixed an issue with ending bullet-time where it might not return to the normal time scale.
  • Trying to increase the custom weapon framework to 15 weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where if smod_player_deathswitchcamera wasn't disabled and a fixed camera wasn't used, the player's camera would spin round and round upon death.
  • Fixed a processing snafu where 64+ entries in smodaclist.txt could cause memory errors.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon_flaregun not using up ammo.

SMOD 37e -> SMOD 38

New features
  • Added the gore_ragdoll_bloodstain variable.
  • Added a sound that plays when switching in and out of iron sight view.
  • You can now specify player sounds within sound/player.
  • Added the bullettimesim_stretch_anim_timescale variable, which can keep the viewmodel's animation speed constant regardless of timescale.
  • Added the smod_player_dialogue, which toggles the speech played when shooting down enemies (or friends).
  • Added the smod_player_death_freezeview variable, which prevents turning the death camera.
  • Added the gore_instagib variable. If this is enabled and gore_gibhealth is set to 0 and you shoot a target with a pistol, he'll gib.
  • Added the gore_raggib_throwpowerscale variable, which controls how far ragdoll giblets fly.
  • I've revised the accuracy of all NPCs and added the npc_weapon_adjustspread variable.
    - Accuracy increases when decimals like 0.1 are set but it's not possible to give 100% accuracy.
    - Because friendlies' accuracy has been revised, be sure to use enemies_weaponskill and companion_weaponskill to set their accuracy.
  • The player's own client-side ragdoll can now be gibbed.
  • Added some new effects for when r_increaseparticles is set to 4.
  • Added the nav_converttoainode command, so you can create AI nodes from the navigation mesh (.nav).
  • You can now replace the kick model, using the smod_player_legmodel variable.
  • You can now replace classes with another classes, using script/override_class.txt and its smod_override_classname toggle.
  • Added the smod_viewbob variable, which sets how much your view shakes while moving. When set to 0, this is disabled.
  • Added the smod_player_wearhelmet variable, which makes a helmet effect when the player recieves a headshot.
    - Note that the damage they recieve is the same.
  • Status elements from the HUD can be turned off with the hud_disable_status variable.
  • You can set the crosshair's color with four values, using the crosshair_color variable. Also added crosshair_data.
  • You can set the color of the Combine ace, using the npc_combine_ace_color variable.
  • You can set the throwing position of Combine grenades, using the combine_grenthrowattach variable.
  • Added the crosshair_vis_in_ironsight variable, which can toggle the crosshair in iron sight view.
  • Added a lot to custom weapons. However with all the additions made, an explanation would be difficult.
  • Fixed an issue with smod_player_painfulvoice's sounds not slowing down when bullet-time was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon_bugspawner being thrown at invisible walls and spawning antlions.
  • Optimized the processing of bullet-time bullets a little bit.
  • Fixed an issue with impulse 101 giving custom ammo.
  • Tweaked some smoke particles and the time at which they spawn from impacts.
  • Tweaked how much walking shakes weapons around in iron sight view.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon_bugspawner's bug model.
  • Fixed an issue some weapons' damage calcuation had with in bullet-time.
  • Fixed a conflict with the HPC option and the .lua scripts.
  • Various edits to the .lua scripts.
  • Fixed a typo; npc_weightwight.txt is now npc_weaponweight.txt.
  • Fixed player footsteps to be audible to NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs' firing sounds wouldn't play.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's weapon switch sound was far too audible to NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would hear a weapon firing and always know it to be the player.
  • Things related to custom weapons:
    - The custom weapon framework's been upgraded to 25 weapons.
    - Enemies' weaponskill settings are now applied when using custom weapons.
    - Fixed an issue where custom weapons' animations could be canceled midway through playing.
    - Revised the accuracy bonus of the scope, fixing it so it's influenced by MaxSpread.
    - Fixed a processing issue with bullets and bullet-time.

SMOD 38 -> SMOD 38a

New features
  • Added a simple player model, to replace the GMan model as the player default.
  • Added a toggle option to weapon scripts for smod_ro_aimmode.
  • Added announcements (like in Unreal Tournament) that play when several enemies in a row have been killed.
    - To play, the number of enemies set in smod_announce_kill_count must be killed within the time set by smod_announce_kill_resettime.
    - Sounds are defined in game_sounds_player.txt under "Player.Announce.Killed.[#]". smod_announce_voicemax sets the number of audio tracks used.
    - Ex. You kill a bunch of enemies within 10 seconds and get an announcement for every five:
    smod_announce_killresettime 10
    smod_announce_kill_count 5
    smod_announce_voicemax 5

    In this configuration, Player.Announce.Killed.1 through 5 would be called.
  • Added an accuracy adjustment function to weapon scripts under "IronSight" -> "AdjustAccuracy".
    - For example, an SMG1 with doubled accuracy while in iron sights :

// weapon_smg1.txt
            "right" "-6.42"
            "up" "2.55"
            "forward" "-12"
            "fov" "-14"
            "AdjustAccuracy" "0.5"

- I've included a sample a weapon_pistol.txt and weapon_ar2.txt.
  • Added a custom weapon option for selecting firing modes.
    - Semi, full-auto and burst modes as well as all three at once.

- Semi could be set but until now could not also be fully automatic (sample: weapon_custom2.txt).

  • You can now set item_ammo_crate to CustomAmmo[1-5]. Tell us if there's a problem because it's still a bit untested.
  • Added the disable_headshot variable.
  • Added the ragdoll_cl_parammode variable.

Add Damipureiyamoderu, several options (such as site of damage) enabled by default.

  • Fixed an issue with switching to iron sights while in 3rd-person.
  • Fixed some conflicts between blood/light/water particles.
  • Fixed an issue with blood jets not spreading across water surfaces
  • Fixed an issue with r_increaseparticles creating more particles than expected when set to 3.
  • You can now set npc_speedmultiplier to -1 to disable the adjustment.

SMOD 38 -> SMOD 38b

New features
  • Added the health regeneration system, controlled with smod_cod_healthregen.
    - Also added the hud_disable_health variable.
  • Additions to custom weapons:

- Added the "Drift" option under the "Scope" section.
- Along with it, "CrosshairOff" under the same section. Set to 2 if you always want the crosshair to disappear.

  • When you press and hold the attack button, the Physics Launcher shoots with a gravity gun effect.
    * The hold time (in seconds) is controlled by physlaunch_cannoneffect.
  • Added the smod_player_maxbattery variable to limit the suit's battery.
  • NPCs were throwing invalid custom weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with sk_npc_head applying to Combine NPCs and zombies.
  • Fixed an issue where the announcer voices could overlap.
  • Fixed an issue on d2_prison_01 where the propane tank might not be destroyed.
  • NPCs gibs' don't always fly at appropriate velocities. You can adjust this with gore_damage_forcescale, of set it to 0 to leave this behavior.

The sounds played through smod_announce_kill and smod_player_dialogue use the same sound channel, and so are not compatible.

SMOD 38b -> SMOD 38c

New features
  • Added the hud_disable_damagescreencolor variable, enabled by default. This controls the screen going red when damaged.
  • Added the option for giblets to be specified for each model. Refer to scripts/npc_gib_model.txt if you want to edit the defaults.
  • Added the gore_raggib_interacttime variable.
  • Added the flamethrower (weapon_flamethrower). You can adjust its variables through weapon_flamethrower_~. To avoid hassle, I used the Gravity Gun model.
  • Remade npc_replacemodel from scratch. Models should now appear correctly even if the model size is significantly different than the original.
  • Split the hud_disable_damagescreencolor variable's effect in two so you can separately disable the damage indicator (hud_disable_damageindicator).
  • When gore_raggib_spawncount is set, npc_gib_model.txt is now disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with smod_viewbob and vehicles where you could have your view permanently bobbing.
  • Fixed an issue with gibbing enemies on certain maps.

SMOD 38c -> SMOD 38d

  • Fixed an issue where Combine NPCs were having trouble picking up custom weapons, a problem caused by their world models.
  • Fixed an issue with the NPC custom weapon section where if BurstMin or BurstMax were set to 0, the game could crash.
  • Slightly optimized the small wall/ceiling giblets by fixing an issue with their shadows.
  • npc_replacemodel wasn't fixed correctly.

SMOD 38d -> SMOD 39

New features
  • Added the smod_dontsprintshooting variable.
  • Added the smod_nobunnyhop variable. Deceleration can be set with smod_nobunnyhop_slowdownrate.
  • Added the r_screenblur option (DX9 only). Motion, damage, and explosions will make the blur occur, and their effect can be set to r_screenblur_recover and r_screenblur_max.
  • Added the ragdoll_zvector variable.
  • Added night vision (DX9 only - not strictly true, but it is very different without DX9). The command is impulse 111 and it consumes battery power twice as fast as the flashlight.
  • Added the r_visoreffects option (DX9 only).
  • Added the effects option, r_viewmodel_dof (DX9 only, experimental).
  • Added a large splash effect for when the player dives into water from above.
  • Added the smod_falldeath_removeblind variable.
  • r_increaseparticles can now be set in detail with the new r_increaseparticles_flag variable.
  • Added a "NoDrop" option for weapon scripts, which will disable throwing the weapon. Should be useful for the punch or knife.
  • Added the bullettimesim_realtime_whiz_fx variable.
  • Added the option for the iron sight toggle key to act as the scope-switching key for custom weapons.
    - For details, see the "Scope" section of weapon_custom14.txt.
  • Added a custom bow bomb, defined in smod_custom_explosive.txt.
  • Added the npc_combine_aggressiveness variable.
  • Added the r_draw_grtracer variable.
  • Added the cam_fixcamera variable and to set the speed it chases the player at, cam_fixcamera_speed1.
    - When dead, cam_fixcamera_speed2 is used.
  • Added three turret types:
    - npc_rocket_turret
    - npc_crossbow_turret
    - npc_laser_turret

Wearing a suit, even if, as you can choose a weapon.
Wearing a suit, even if was able to run.

  • Added the smod_player_starthealth and smod_player_health variables. smod_player_starthealth sets the initial health of the player.
    - If you set smod_player_health to 0, it's impossible for the player to regain their health.
  • Added a "MuzzleOfs" specifically for DoD weapons to fix their muzzle flashes. Please use "MuzzleOfs" "-3" and use weapon_custom16.txt as a reference.
  • Added an "Adjust" section for adjusting weapons' angle and position, similar to "IronSight".
    - For example, DoD:S weapons would be set to:

// weapon_smg1.txt
            "Forward" "4"
            "Up" "1"
            "Fov" "-20"

Again, use weapon_custom16.txt as a reference.
  • Added the weapon_stcannon_chargespeed variable.
  • Added the disable_armordamagereduction variable. When on, armor won't be consumed when damaged.
  • Added the smod_flashlight_usebattery variable. When on, battery power is consumed instead of AUX power.
    - Control the drain rate with smod_flashlight_usebattery_consumestime. The default is 10 seconds for each unit.
  • Fixed a game crash that occurred when the player's ragdoll head was removed (the player gibbed and spawned a head) in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with ragdoll_toclientragdolltime that could make a model disappear (possibly the player's).
  • Optimized the bullet-time pixel shaders. Should be a little less demanding.
  • Fixed some spelling (ragdoll_rotntertialimit_~ and ragdoll_rotntertialimit_~).
  • Lowered the maximum flamethrower fuel, added a weapon_flamethrower_~ variable for it.
  • Fixed an issue with custom weapons where the crosshair could disappear when switching weapons.
  • Added a potential water-related bug fix present in the original Source.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's arms would violently shake if smod_ro_aimmode and bullet-time were enabled.
  • Fixed some effects' behavior in bullet-time.
  • Fixed iron sight movement to act appropriately in bullet-time.

Has to be enabled to attack the neck and the Gunship pistol.
Has to be enabled to attack with guns and helicopters Teirurota.
Since the crossbow, stuck on the wall faded away, to disappear into the same process at multiple players.
They explode when they die, strike the rider, Epsode2 the Ppoku to die.
Even non-riders, combine ball strike, 1 / 2 was established to explode.

  • Fixed a sound channel conflict where switching iron sight view would stop weapons' firing sounds.
  • Fixed a conflict with r_zoomlenseeffect and r_ironsightblur both enabled.
  • Added a custom scope option for the custom weapons, making it 5 altogether.
  • Fixed smod_player_maxbattery so that the limit applies to chargers as well.
  • Optimized some of the effects. Because of this, these effects can't be enabled on the fly and the map must be reloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with npc_create where armed NPCs could crash the game.

· DoD has to come from Byumoderu of the cartridge.

  • Kar98 damage was lowered from 500 to 100.

SMOD 39 -> SMOD 39a

New features

Added a new pseudo-function, exposure. This is faster than the previous process though of course you have to adjust for HDR.
- If you want to use the old treatment, set r_smod_bloom_fakeexposure to 2.
Added some new turrets :
- npc_f_rocket_turret
- npc_f_crossbow_turret
- npc_f_laser_turret
Added the weapon_lasergun_alt_damage variable.
Added the weapon_old_hopwire_damage variable.
Added the npc_helicopter_bulletdamagescale variable.
Added the npc_gunship_bulletdamagescale.
Ladder, the old type (func_ladder) enabled.
Added a high jump for the player, toggled with smod_player_superjump. Set to 1 to enable.
- To jump, first sprint and then press the jump button after squatting.
I like this Half-Life 1 operation; it's a bit difficult because it requires the pressuring speed.
- Detailed settings with the following variables:
- smod_player_superjump_speed - the speed required to jump.
- smod_player_superjump_scale - the scale of the jump's power.
- smod_player_superjump_damagecancel - toggles if you're free from damage when landing.


//When the combine harvester, throwing Kasutamugurenedo, fix initialization was done twice.
Move map with no, or wearing a suit, or fix the problem and pick up a weapon bolt out.

  • New SDK was only compatible with "Virutal Terrain" was tentatively supported.
    - The bypass should be under the ground rather than physical objects (awakening at or).//
  • For custom weapons:
    - Fixed an issue with melee damage types not being properly read.
    - Fixed an issue with "IronsightIsScope" not being properly read.

* Npc_combinegunship handling some of the new SDK from transplant.
NPC fire, explosion set out on the way to fix the problem was.
Konbainganshippu SDK process, some new features added.
SDK combines process, some new features added.

  • Lost Coast should now work correctly.

* Some New · physics SDK combined with the processing of those objects. (In the game should be nothing unchangeable)
Or abandoned, or when you pick up a weapon, possession of ammunition rework the calculations. (Now that would make sense each other)

To consume a grenade, was also a motion sensor bomb.

SMOD 39a -> SMOD 39b

New features
  • Added support for npc_zombine from EP1.
  • Added a distortion effect to the Strider Cannon.
  • Added some penetration options for NPC bullets:
    - func_tank_bulletpenetration
    - npc_strider_bulletpenetration
  • Fixed an issue with weapon_msbomb spawning bombs.
  • Fixed npc_gunship_bulletdamagescale. Was invalid before.
  • Fixed an issue with the super jump's damage canceling.
  • Fixed an issue with r_bulletimpact_blur that could negate bullet damage.

SMOD 39b -> SMOD 39b2

  • Correct the problem, had been operating without a trigger or some entity.
  • Double ladder, causing the process, fix the problem go on the run.
  • Fixed it so the gravity gun can steal zombine grenades.

SMOD 39b2 -> SMOD 39c

New features
  • Tentative support for Insurgency weapon animations.
  • Added a trial feature, disabled by default and enabled by r_subviewcam.
    - This Insurgency weapon scope effect is achieved through Proxy Materials. For more information, please see the sample files.
  • Added color correction capability. It's unknown if it works perfectly.
  • Added the ironsight_sensitivity variable.
  • Added the smod_healthregen_damageeffect option (DX9 only).
  • Added the smod_leangunpos variable. You can specify the lean's reach with the smod_lean_max variable.
  • Fixed an issue with the 3rd-person camera mode that occurred when reloading maps or savegames.
  • Fixed an issue with storing the camera's position.
  • Fixed an issue with custom weapons' "FireMode" setting.

SMOD 39c -> SMOD 39d

New features

Added the variable bullettimesim_phystimescale.
Added the variable bullettimesim_disable_ai.
Added npc_zombie2.
- You can change its default model with npc_zombine2_model.
Added the r_visoreffectstimescale variable.
Added a beautiful but expensive option, r_smod_bloom_starfilter.
Added the weapon_flamethrower_recharge_useammo variable.
Added a custom bomb option, "GLFuse".
- You can make grenades that don't explode at close range. Refer to weapon_custom3.txt and in smod_custom_explosive.txt, "SMG1Grenade".

  • Fixed an issue with npc_gunship_bulletdamagescale being applied to RPG damage.
  • Fixed a similar issue with npc_helicopter_bulletdamagescale and regular guns.
  • Changed sv_maxspeed's default value of 320 to 640.
  • Edited the particles some.

SMOD 39d -> SMOD 39d2

  • Fixed an issue with blood spurts going in the opposite direction.
  • Properly fixed Viewmodel DOF.

SMOD 39d2 -> SMOD 39e

New features
  • Added the smod_player_act_vehicle variable.
    - This is an option that enables a sitting animation when in vehicles.
    - The model must have an "ACT_HL2MP_SIT_IN_VEHICLE" animation.
  • Added the r_shockeffect option.
  • Added the r_motionblur and r_vectorblur options.
  • Added blood splashes to r_visoreffects.

Particle sparks, open SDK old Akira Osamu not a problem this late hour.
Fixed an issue with the off-screen buffer.

  • Fixed an issue with switching between HDR and LDR maps (hopefully).
  • Starfilter fix the numbers so wrong. (The fix for the aspect ratio is still supported)
  • EP1_citadel02b was far too bright.

SMOD 39e -> SMOD 39f

New features

Added an experimental option, ragdoll_holdweapon.
Added an EP2-like blood effect, toggle with gore_drawgoo.
- Included are low-resolutions with amazing // 応 care.// If you want to convert it, replace effects/goo.vtf.
Added a special option, ragdoll_ex_action.
- It does some interesting/funny things, but poor piece of writing.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gravity Gun picking up mines.
  • Fixed a problem with sustained motion blur.

SMOD 39f -> SMOD 39g

New features
  • Added the r_vectorblur_forward variable. This adjusts how soon blur occurs when moving around.
  • Added the zombie_headcrabless variable.
  • Fixed an issue with ragdoll_holdweapon's data not reading properly.
  • Fixed some memory errors caused by ragdoll_ex_action that could occur under certain conditions when ragdolls are gibbed, resulting in some increased stability.

SMOD 39g -> SMOD 39h

New features
  • The zombie_headcrabless variable now applies to fast zombies.
  • When r_shockeffect is set to 2, you can disable the effects of shock damage.
  • Added the prop_physics_respawnable entity. Presumably a port of HL2MP's entity of the same name.
  • Implemented laser pointers for custom weapons. Use weapon_custom3.txt as reference.
  • Fixed some memory issues with related to func_brush.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs' collision detection.
  • Fixed a conflict between blur effects and damage effects like those used while regenerating.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons could become transparent.
  • Fixed demos to record leaning.

SMOD 39h -> SMOD 39i

  • Fixed handling of mobile players.
  • Properly fixed the flamethrower sound this time.
  • Fixed up the integrated laser pointers.
  • Will not fix the problem, work to increase the minimum number of flash light shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could be buried in the map.

Who turned down the starting point of the Bekutabura.
Correct the problem gets out, the fire had been Kuraiantoragudoru.
Who turned down the starting point of the Bekutabura.

  • Fixed an issue with catching client-side ragdolls on fire.
  • Optimized some shader effects.

SMOD 39i -> SMOD 40

New features
  • Zombie2 health and attack power can be set with sk_zombie2_health and sk_zombie2_dmg. Set to 0 to leave them as before and place any setting into skill.cfg.
  • Added a shader effect for when you've dived into water, toggled by r_underwater_shader.
  • You can set the strength of r_underwaterblur through the r_underwaterblur_power variable.
  • Added the kick_meleedamageforce variable.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when ragdolls got stuck in geometry.
  • Fixed an issue with lean being prematurely canceled.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs sometimes starting off with no weapon.
  • Fixed an issue with headcrab-less zombies negating headshots.
  • Fixed some of the companion NPCs' animations.

SMOD 40 -> SMOD 40a

New features
  • Added the npc_target_lag variable.
  • Added the bullettimesim_bulletlimit variable.
  • Fixed a conflict with ragdoll_toclientragdoll and ragdoll_holdweapon.
  • When cl_playermodel is set to "none", it will default to player.mdl.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions light_spot entities would disappear.
  • Edited the VGUI screen to prevent crashes (not tested).

SMOD 40a -> SMOD 40a_quickfix

  • Fixed this issue with turrets.

Changelog (SMOD 2.x branch)

(in ascending order)

SMOD 2.00 (2009/11/07)

SMOD 2, trial edition

New features
  • I've added four old weapons along with a new one.
  • Working on the Gordon Kick, but the model is acting oddly and you can kick without first having a suit.
  • Damage scaling for companions.
  • For blood particles, I'm modding the Orange Box engine to increase them. Expect other particle effects to be added gradually.
  • Partially added server-side ragdoll conversion.

SMOD 2.01 (2009/11/08)

New features
  • Added options for mounting content. The same as SMOD, these are the HPC option and the use of addcontents.txt.
  • Added the Physics Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where headshot damage on Combine or zombies was ignored.
  • Added server-side ragdoll support for headcrab bodies and zombies.

SMOD 2.01a (2009/11/09)

New features
  • Added the custom crosshair - please refer to scripts/smod_crosshair.txt. Still adding the spread that should occur when moving or shooting.
  • HPC wasn't working, so I corrected it.

SMOD 2.02 (2009/11/22)

New features
  • Added the mapadd feature back. At present, it will work exactly like the old SMOD.
  • Added the movespeed mapadd keyvalue, to be used on NPCs.
  • Added the smod_npc_movement_speed variable.
  • Added the smod_override_classname variable, tied to the file scripts/smod_overrideclasses.txt.
  • Adding smod_ragdoll_params variable, for adjusting the behavior of server-side ragdolls. Refer to "scripts/smod_ragdollparams.txt".
  • Added the smod_mapadd_ignore_node_radius variable.
  • Added the smod_mapadd_ignore_node_inwater variable.
  • Adding npc_czombie, which can be used with the zombiename keyvalue. When no name is set, smod_npc_czombie_default is used instead. This feature is not final and may be changed later. Refer to scripts/smod_customzombies.txt.
  • Added a new VGUI start screen.
  • smod node adding the reading performance of the file
  • The Terao Satoru [tsu] [po] to be, please do not make the air.
  • Fixed an issue with g_ragdoll_maxcount not keeping its set value.
  • Corrected the Gordon Kick's texture. I found the cause in episodic 2007 shared.gcf.
  • Forgot to prefix weapon_stcannon_bfgsprite with smod_.
  • Fixed an issue with HPC mishandling data.

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