SMOD 2.x Changelog

(in ascending order)

SMOD 2.00 (2009/11/07)

SMOD 2, trial edition

New features
  • I've added four old weapons along with a new one.
  • Working on the Gordon Kick, but the model is acting oddly and you can kick without first having a suit.
  • Damage scaling for companions.
  • For blood particles, I'm modding the Orange Box engine to increase them. Expect other particle effects to be added gradually.
  • Partially added server-side ragdoll conversion.

SMOD 2.01 (2009/11/08)

New features
  • Added options for mounting content. The same as SMOD, these are the HPC option and the use of addcontents.txt.
  • Added the Physics Launcher.
  • Fixed an issue where headshot damage on Combine or zombies was ignored.
  • Added server-side ragdoll support for headcrab bodies and zombies.

SMOD 2.01a (2009/11/09)

New features
  • Added the custom crosshair - please refer to scripts/smod_crosshair.txt. Still adding the spread that should occur when moving or shooting.
  • HPC wasn't working, so I corrected it.

SMOD 2.02 (2009/11/22)

New features
  • Added the mapadd feature back. At present, it will work exactly like the old SMOD.
  • Added the movespeed mapadd keyvalue, to be used on NPCs.
  • Added the smod_npc_movement_speed variable.
  • Added the smod_override_classname variable, tied to the file scripts/smod_overrideclasses.txt.
  • Adding smod_ragdoll_params variable, for adjusting the behavior of server-side ragdolls. Refer to "scripts/smod_ragdollparams.txt".
  • Added the smod_mapadd_ignore_node_radius variable.
  • Added the smod_mapadd_ignore_node_inwater variable.
  • Adding npc_czombie, which can be used with the zombiename keyvalue. When no name is set, smod_npc_czombie_default is used instead. This feature is not final and may be changed later. Refer to scripts/smod_customzombies.txt.
  • Added a new VGUI start screen.
  • smod node adding the reading performance of the file
  • The Terao Satoru [tsu] [po] to be, please do not make the air.
  • Fixed an issue with g_ragdoll_maxcount not keeping its set value.
  • Corrected the Gordon Kick's texture. I found the cause in episodic 2007 shared.gcf.
  • Forgot to prefix weapon_stcannon_bfgsprite with smod_.
  • Fixed an issue with HPC mishandling data.
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