Default Keyvalues (Citizen Derivative)

Companion NPC:

  • AdditionalEquipment <classname>
    Sets the NPC's starting weapon. An example would be weapon_smg1, the MP7.
  • AmmoAmount <integer>
    Sets the amount of ammo the NPC carries for the player, for if the NPC is set as an ammo supplier.
  • AmmoSupply <classname>
    Sets the type of ammo the NPC carries for others.
  • DontPickUpWeapons <boolean>
    If this key is enabled, the NPC will not pick up weapons they've found. This includes trading their current weapon for a more desirable one.
  • ExpressionType <see below>
    Sets the NPC's expression, if they are capable of them.

    0 : Random.
    1 : Scared.
    2 : Normal.
    3 : Angry.
  • NotifyNavFailBlocked <boolean>
    If this key is enabled and the NPC cannot navigate to an ordered location, fire the OnNavFailBlocked output.

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