Default Inputs (Combine)
  • BeginRappel
    A soldier who's been prepared with WaitingToRappel will now use his zip line to drop down.
  • LookOn
    Look normally. See LookOff below.
  • LookOff
    NPC doesn't use his own sight cone. Instead, he only sees through his squad mates' eyes.
  • StartPatrolling
    Whenever the NPC is an idle or alert state, he will patrol the area.
  • StopPatrolling
    Stops the idle/alert patrol behavior.
  • HitByBugbait
    The soldier is disoriented for a short time, waving his arms wildly.
  • ThrowGrenadeAtTarget <targetname>
    The soldier throws a grenade at this target entity. This will dig into the soldier's grenade pool but it can also be used if they have none.

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