Ventilating a houndeye.
Weapon Type Rifle
Ammo Type AR2
Damage 20
Damage Type BULLET
First Found… d2_coast_07
Model v_/w_rif_ak47.mdl

Description Convars Keyvalues Flags Other Weapons


weapon_ak47 is the entity name for the AK-47 assault rifle found in SMOD, heavily modified to fire pulse rounds with more punch than its Combine counterpart, the AR2. While not as easy to get hold of as the shotgun, this weapon still sees plenty of use by Resistance members, especially by Overwatch defectors.

Primary Fire: Fires powerful pulse rounds with a moderate rate of fire and high recoil.

Secondary Fire: None.


  • sk_plr_dmg_ak47 <integer> ( Default: 20 )
    Sets the damage that the player deals with this weapon.
  • sk_npc_dmg_ak47 <integer> ( Default: 20 )
    Sets the damage that NPCs deal with this weapon.
  • sk_max_ar2 <integer> ( Default: 60 )
    Sets the amount of spare ammo the player can carry for this weapon.


  • targetname <string>
    Assigns the entity a targetname, used by other entities to refer to this entity. Can be shared by other entities.
  • origin <X Y Z>
    Sets the position of the entity within the world. See Coordinates.
  • angle <X Y Z>
    Sets the angular positioning (Pitch, Yaw, Roll) of the entity.
  • model <string>
    Sets the model of the entity.
  • fademindist <float>
    Sets the distance at which the entity model starts to fade. (0 : use fademaxdist)
  • fademaxdist <float>
    Sets the maximum distance at which the entity model is visible. (0 : don't fade out)
  • fadescale <float>
    The scale factor that gives some control over fading. Using 0 turns off the forced fade values.


Except where noted, flags are OFF by default.

  • 1 : Start constrained. (Prevents model movement)
  • 2 : Reserve for NPC.
  • 4 : Not throwable by the Gravity Gun.

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