ANM14 Incendiary
The incendiary grenade, used in-game.
Weapon Type Grenade
Ammo Type Frag Grenade
Damage Dynamic
Damage Type BLAST / BURN
First Found… N/A
Projectile Name grenade_anm14
Model v_/w_anm14.mdl

Description Convars Keyvalues Flags Other Weapons


weapon_anm14 is the entity name for the ANM-14 TH3 incendiary grenade in SMOD.

Primary Fire: Throws the grenade in the same manner as a frag. Shortly after, it explodes and ignites everything in its vicinity.

Secondary Fire: Lobs the bomb a short distance or, if crouching, rolls the grenade along the floor.


  • sk_dmg_anm14 <integer> ( Default: 40 )
    Sets the damage of the grenade's initial blast. If the grenade is lying on or very close to the ground once it detonates, this also determines how high the grenade's explosion takes place above this point, determining how dense the flames are. Flame damage itself is governed by fire_dmgbase.
  • sk_anm14_radius <integer> ( Default: 150 )
    Sets the initial explosion radius for the incendiary grenade. It's possible for anything hit by this explosion to ignite.
  • sk_max_grenade <integer> ( Default: 5 )
    Sets how many bombs the player can carry.


  • targetname <string>
    Assigns the entity a targetname, used by other entities to refer to this entity. Can be shared by other entities.
  • origin <X Y Z>
    Sets the position of the entity within the world. See Coordinates.
  • angle <X Y Z>
    Sets the angular positioning (Pitch, Yaw, Roll) of the entity.
  • model <string>
    Sets the model of the entity.
  • fademindist <float>
    Sets the distance at which the entity model starts to fade. (0 : use fademaxdist)
  • fademaxdist <float>
    Sets the maximum distance at which the entity model is visible. (0 : don't fade out)
  • fadescale <float>
    The scale factor that gives some control over fading. Using 0 turns off the forced fade values.


Except where noted, flags are OFF by default.

  • 1 : Start constrained. (Prevents model movement)
  • 2 : Reserve for NPC.
  • 4 : Not throwable by the Gravity Gun.

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