Firing on an Overwatch soldier.
Weapon Type Submachinegun
Ammo Type SMG1 / SMG1 Grenade
Damage 5 - 12 / Dynamic (125 at center)
Damage Type BULLET / BLAST
First Found… d2_coast_04
Projectile Name grenade_ar2 (alt)
Model v_/w_mp5.mdl

Description Convars Keyvalues Flags Other Weapons


weapon_mp5 is the entity name for SMOD's Heckler & Koch MP5 SMG.

Primary Fire: Fires weak bullets with a high rate of fire and low recoil. The weapon is suppressed and its gunfire will not attract attention, but the impact of its bullets may.

Secondary Fire: Launches a grenade shell that explodes on impact. Similar to the MP7.


  • sk_plr_dmg_mp5_min <integer> ( Default: 5 )
    Sets the minimum damage the player can deal with this weapon.
  • sk_plr_dmg_mp5_max <integer> ( Default: 12 )
    Sets the maximum damage the player can deal with this weapon.
  • sk_max_smg1 <integer> ( Default: 225 )
    Sets the amount of rounds the player can carry for this weapon.


  • targetname <string>
    Assigns the entity a targetname, used by other entities to refer to this entity. Can be shared by other entities.
  • origin <X Y Z>
    Sets the position of the entity within the world. See Coordinates.
  • angle <X Y Z>
    Sets the angular positioning (Pitch, Yaw, Roll) of the entity.
  • model <string>
    Sets the model of the entity.
  • fademindist <float>
    Sets the distance at which the entity model starts to fade. (0 : use fademaxdist)
  • fademaxdist <float>
    Sets the maximum distance at which the entity model is visible. (0 : don't fade out)
  • fadescale <float>
    The scale factor that gives some control over fading. Using 0 turns off the forced fade values.


Except where noted, flags are OFF by default.

  • 1 : Start constrained. (Prevents model movement)
  • 2 : Reserve for NPC.
  • 4 : Not throwable by the Gravity Gun.

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