Physics Launcher
Absorbing a crate.
Weapon Type Other
Ammo Type N/A
Damage Dynamic
First Found… N/A
Model v_/w_rocket_launcher.mdl

Description Convars Keyvalues Flags Other Weapons


weapon_physlauncher is the entity name for the Physics Launcher tool found in SMOD.

Primary Fire: Shoots out a prop or other entity in front of the player. Some entities may not work as expected when shot from the launcher.

Secondary Fire: Copies a targeted entity, determining what the launcher is set to shoot out next.

Those interested in mapadds should know that copied entities' information is dumped to the game console in proper syntax for putting into a script.


  • physlaunch_cannoneffect <float> ( Default: 0.1 )
    Activates a gravity gun-like effect for the physics launcher. Sets how long the fire button must be held to hear it.
  • physlaunch_class <classname> ( Default: prop_physics )
    Sets the classname of the entity to be spawned from the physics launcher. Will be overwritten whenever the launcher's secondary fire is used to copy an entity. Note that not all entities are perfectly copied when launched; buggies for instance will merely spawn as props with a buggy model.
  • physlaunch_dissolveentity <boolean> ( Default: 1 )
    When enabled, entities are dissolved once copied with the Physics Launcher's secondary fire.
  • physlaunch_forcephysprops <boolean> ( Default: 1 )
    When enabled, entities fired from the launcher will only be of the prop_physics class, even if physlaunch_class is set otherwise.
  • physlaunch_mass <integer> ( Default: -1 )
    Sets the mass of entities spawned from the physics launcher. -1 uses the entity's default.
  • physlaunch_model <string> ( Default: models/props_junk/watermelon01.mdl )
    Stores the model of the entity to be spawned from the Physics Launcher. Will be overwritten whenever the launcher's secondary fire is used to copy an entity.
  • physlaunch_offset <float> ( Default: 32 )
    Entities fired from the physics launcher will spawn this distance ahead of the player, to lessen the chance of being crushed by a buggy or other mishaps.
  • physlaunch_throwforce <integer> ( Default: 2000 )
    Sets the speed of objects shot from of the physics launcher.


  • targetname <string>
    Assigns the entity a targetname, used by other entities to refer to this entity. Can be shared by other entities.
  • origin <X Y Z>
    Sets the position of the entity within the world. See Coordinates.
  • angle <X Y Z>
    Sets the angular positioning (Pitch, Yaw, Roll) of the entity.
  • model <string>
    Sets the model of the entity.
  • fademindist <float>
    Sets the distance at which the entity model starts to fade. (0 : use fademaxdist)
  • fademaxdist <float>
    Sets the maximum distance at which the entity model is visible. (0 : don't fade out)
  • fadescale <float>
    The scale factor that gives some control over fading. Using 0 turns off the forced fade values.


Except where noted, flags are OFF by default.

  • 1 : Start constrained. (Prevents model movement)
  • 2 : Reserve for NPC.
  • 4 : Not throwable by the Gravity Gun.

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